• Pat/Peter MCann
    My wife and I signed up with L'ambiance not knowing anything aboutrenovations,or any other kind of construction for that matter. We had a good feeling on meeting Al, the owner, and as it turned out, it was a fortuitous decision. We've transformed our house and are enjoying knowing we did it ourselves... with great help from our reno coach Al .

  • Batia/Misha
    In learning, "Example is Everything." In my mind, Al is the epitome of what a teacher should be. He is professional at all times in his relationship with the clients. He is firm but compassionate, dedicated and committed to the individual success of each project. Al sets high standards for himself and expects no less from his students, who, with practice, rise to his expectations.

    Success depends on praise and positive models of excellence. Al is such a role model. He consistently shows dedication to the enjoyment and success of the students.

    Al recognizes individual strengths and is very perceptive in his awareness of an individual's learning style, in order to achieve success. Students are empowered by his belief in their abilities. A great deal of time is spent in assisting and modifying instructional techniques to meet all learning styles.

    Students are validated at all times. Al is respected by all and is approachable and ready to offer a helping hand, or some sound advise.

    Al exemplifies what effective teaching and learning is all about. We all rise to all the challenges presented and always benefit from his positive energy and attitude. We all feel welcome and are drawn to his enthusiastic goal oriented mentality. He definitely is deserving of all of the above accolades. I highly recommend L'ambiance Design Concepts.








The following are the services we offer:

Framing, Drywalling, Taping, Plastering, Popcorn ceiling Removal, Finishing, Painting,

Bathroom, Kitchen and Basement Renovations

Plumbing, Electrical, Potlighting

Flooring - Hardwood, Laminate, Tiling

and more....

Toronto's Home Reno DIY Specialists

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